Monday, 18 January 2016

Does your drinking water contain unregulated contaminants?

When people ask for buying the water purification system for their home or office I always look at their local water quality report to see what contaminants are in their water. It is my opinion that, this is the only way to determine the water purification system they need. 

Some impurities like chlorine can be removed with a whole house filtration system but other impurities such as nitrates, radioactive metals, arsenic and some other metals require a kitchen water filter also.

The first thing I recommend when reviewing a water report is the source of the water. There are many reasons for this. First, if the  source of water is a river and if there are cities upstream of your location on that river then the water will contain several unregulated contaminants. That means the impurities are in the water for sure but won’t be listed in the water quality report.

One very concerning example of this are drugs, medicine or pharmaceuticals. Let me explain: when people take a pain killer or other prescription drug or even when they drink coffee or use illegal medicine some portion of these pass through their bodies via their urine. They enter the sewage system and then the sewage treatment plant. However, these sewage treatment plants are designed to absorb fecal material and kill bacteria, not to remove medicine or pharmaceuticals or other drug compounds. So, if there are cities upstream of you then you can assume these unregulated impurities are present in your water supply. 

The current government view is that the level of drugs in pure drinking water are too low to influence human health, however a number of researchers have found that these adequate levels (parts per trillion) do have an effect on human cells. 

So, when treated sewage is present in your water supply I recommend a superb quality (Reverse Osmosis) RO water purifier system for your drinking water. This is particularly true if there are people with immune issues present in the house. Whole Big Vision water filters may inadvertently reduce these in your water.

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